Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise focuses on therapy for problem areas so you can safely perform exercises tailored towards your normal, physical routine. It involves stretching and strengthening problem areas, exercises to improve your functionality and range of motion, and can also include training for endurance, balance, stability, flexibility, postural awareness, and more.

Who Benefits From Therapeutic Exercise?

Our daily routines and work tasks are often less physical these days. For example, sitting at a computer desk for an extended period of time each and every day will affect your posture, posterior muscles and weaken your core. Therapeutic Exercise Therapy is wonderful for anyone that is proactive with their help and looking to improve their overall functionality and movement. There are a variety of programs, and depending on your condition or health goals, there are many different therapy methods that will improve your physical lifestyle.

Whatever your daily routine is, Therapeutic Exercise programs will help you with functionality and movement, which is beneficial for everyone.