Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is a general term that focuses on overused muscles and strains individuals commonly get from engaging in sports. Different therapeutic techniques and treatments are used based on the the sport where specific areas are targeted associated to the sport. You may have had an injury sustained from a high-performance sport that needs rehabilitation or recovering after surgery, where you need therapy to help get you back in the game. Or you may notice biomechanical imbalances where there are areas of tightness and your range of motion is suffering, and you need Sports Massage Therapy to help prevent injury.

Who Benefits From Sports Massage Therapy?

Typically sports-oriented individuals who engage in a high level of fitness need therapy and treatment to continuously perform at their best. Whether it is for injury prevention, rehabilitation, or maintenance to reduce recovery time and potential injury, high-level athletes incorporate Sports Massage Therapy as an essential part of their training routine.