Deep Tissue Therapy

The objective of a Deep Tissue Therapy is to increase blood circulation in troubled areas that start from the lower spine and translate upward. The focus is to target tender-points on your body, including muscles, ligament, fascia and the underlying joint.

Deep Tissue Myth

It’s a common misconception that the deep tissue technique means to ‘dig deep’ into tense muscles. Deep Tissue Therapy actually gets its depth from the speed of the stroke, rather than the pressure applied. The speed of the stroke sends neurological signals to your nervous system from your body’s holding pattern, which is accumulated through stress, posture, and/or injury.

What is YOUR Holding Pattern?

At this very moment, what is your holding position? How are you seated or standing RIGHT NOW? If you held this position for a few hours, would you be sore or achey tomorrow?

Because of our different lifestyles, our ‘holding patterns’ can be good or bad. If you sit in front of a computer for most of the day, your holding pattern is not likely good. If you do not establish a pattern of good posture, you likely have lower back pain, tense shoulders (trapezius), stiff neck muscles and maybe even sore wrists. It’s important to break bad holding patterns, which is why Deep Tissue Therapy can help.

How Can Deep Tissue Therapy Help me?

If your holding pattern is not an optimal position for you, you may need to ‘Reset’ your nervous system. Not only will Deep Tissue Therapy help release tension from tense/sore muscles, the technique sends a shock throughout your nervous system into a neutral change or neurological reset.

Deep Tissue Therapy treatments will help decrease tender muscles, and along with practicing good ‘holding pattern’ habits, you can help yourself progress into a healthier, pain-free life.