RX Therapeutic Education

RX Therapeutic Education is a personalized approach to wellness/fitness.   What are the roadblocks holding you back from your active lifestyle?  Learn basic body maintenance techniques that will decrease your pain, increase your mobility and keep you doing the things you love.

Already an exerciser?  Learn personalized techniques and stretches that help you reduce pain and the risks of injury.  Through RX Therapeutic Education, Nancy will assess your posture, pain, and movement patterns to customize a plan that address those issues.  Mastery of the first Rx will lead you to the next level Rx . Building a progression of wellness that takes you back in time.

Learn the skills of maintenance your body is calling for. Preventative maintenance will address problems when they first show up, instead of waiting until they become a larger issue.  Unlock the patterns of compensation and open up a whole new world of personal wellness.

Plus good posture looks good on everyone!