Back Pain Management

According to Wikipedia, Back Pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.  Moreover, Lower Back Pain attributes to 40% of missed days in the workforce.  You may be experiencing pain ranging from a dull ache to muscle spasms that completely hinder your basic functionality.

Whether your Back Pain is derived from injury or gradual strain over the years, Nancy utilizes a progressive and natural Back Pain Management approach to provide:

  • Back Pain Relief from a variety of therapeutic techniques
  • Restore Functionality to Day-to-Day Activities
  • Help Clients Cope with Residual Pain from a Procedure or Surgery

Depending on the degree and nature of your pain, Nancy uses a variety of proactive techniques to strengthen and balance your body so you can be on your way to overall wellness.

Several Back Pain Management methods include:

  • Trigger Point Therapy for Back Pain Relief
  • Neuromuscular Reeducation for strained, injured or imbalanced muscles
  • Egoscue Techniques for deeply rooted Chronic Back Pain
  • Self-Myofacial Release to improve flexibility, functionality and reduce injuries
  • Corrective Exercises and Stretching Techniques
  • Personal Training to strengthen muscles and increase functionality

Surgery is often a last resort to treat back pain and is generally recommended for emergency situations.  Nancy’s Back Pain Management program is an extraordinary and effective alternative to surgery, which often fixes the immediate problem, but typically does not restore most of your functionality.

Depending on your circumstance and degree of pain, Nancy will help deliver you from that “Pain Cloud” lurking overhead, and coach you back to overall wellness so you can get back to living an active, harmonious life!