Jared is a 31 year old MMA trainer and fighter who works in the fitness industry. Jared leads a busy life coaching MMA classes throughout the week, training clients and also training for MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitions.

Jared has a growing family at home with 2 small children and another on the way and can not afford to have injury take him out!   I got a call from Jared who was in a lot of pain from a sparring match.  His back had seized up and he could not walk or stand normally.  Jared was helped to my office by his wife and a cane.  I was able to work through
most of the muscle issues and help normalize the tissues around J's back, spine and hips by using all of my therapeutic techniques.  Specifically trigger point therapy, myo-skelatal alignment techniques and assisted stretching.

Jared was able to stand and walk without a cane and left the session under his own locomotion.  I gave Jared some homework to undo the protective muscle response that remained post session and some progressive exercises to propel him back to activities.   It took a few sessions to restore proper functions to all his muscles, but it saved him a lot of time in recovery.  A proactive and progressive approach put Jared back in the game much faster than normal treatment would have.

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