My client Jan came to me as a referral.  She heard about me through her friend and was wondering if I could help her with her "frozen" shoulder.  The problem started from a skiing accident in 1975 and her shoulder had never been the same since.  She was a teacher and had to learn to adapt to limited mobility in that shoulder.  She could not lift her arm past shoulder height and had pain when performing normal activities.  She held her arm to her side in fitness classes and was unable to lift anything above her head.

Her goal was to be able to use that arm to put dishes away in the cupboard overhead and also to put luggage in the overhead bin by herself in an airplane. Our treatment plan took 5 sessions and used a progressive approach to  releasing the muscles holding her arm in the shoulder socket.  Like a muscle detective, I went after each muscle, releasing as I went.

We then mobilized the arm using Myo-Skeletal alignment techniques and systematically worked through Range of Motion. She had her homework stretches to keep her range of motion open as her body adapted to the new "normal".  No one was more surprised that she, when her arm went above her head for the first time in over 30 years!

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