My client Marilyn came to me from a chiropractic referral.  She was in a lot of pain in her right hip and back and also had a left foot and calf issue.

Marilyn is an active real estate agent, and had difficulty moving through her day with all of the pain in her body.  She had a diagnosis from her Dr that her tendon in her foot was frayed and needed to be repaired surgically.  She wanted to try alternative therapies first. Because the body is all connected, an issue in the gait pattern can wear and tear on a number of other areas.

In Marilyn's case, her hip tightness had changed her gait pattern and had done some wear and tear on her foot mechanics.  Much like driving a car out of alignment, the muscles of the leg and foot must be in proper alignment to function correctly.  Marilyn's hips needed to be released through bodywork.  She also needed proper muscle activation in the glutes and hamstrings for proper gait mechanics.  Marilyn needed support for her ankle to heal while the mechanics were changing, which we did through Rock Tape and Acupuncture.

She used multiple alternative techniques to address her issues and did her homework.  She is now pain-free and is in the gym working on strengthening the proper muscles so she doesn't fall back into bad habits.

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