About Us


Combining Hart and Science into Progressive Bodywork: An Organic Approach to Therapeutic Exercise and Physical Freedom.




Nancy’s experience and focal point is towards patients that have functional and/or sports-specific conditions.  She utilizes proactive and organic practices, such as Therapeutic Massage, Corrective Exercises and Stretching, Systematic Progression of Trigger Point Therapy, Self-Myofacial Release, Functional Training and Strengthening, and Move-Based Programs, that have proven to be a natural and exceptional alternative to surgeries and medicated pain management.

Nancy is also known as the 'Muscle Whisperer', providing an empathetic and intuitive demeanor towards clients that is an essential dynamic of her treatment/therapy.  She creates a positive, honest environment for clients as she creates individualized Wellness Plans, maximizing client results while encouraging independence and self-sufficiency.


Like the mythical phoenix bird that is reborn or regenerated from it’s ashes, Nancy’s philosophy is to provide organic, therapeutic treatment to her clients, while developing a proactive, self-sufficient plan to physical freedom.

Nancy’s Therapeutic Treatment Model involves:

  • Assessing the Chronic Issue or Condition
  • Creating and Implementing a Corrective /Therapy Plan
  • Educating Clients on a Custom-Based Therapeutic Wellness Plan, consisting of Body Maintenance, Pain Avoidance and Progressive Rehab

Not only does Nancy assist in freeing clients from the bondage of chronic pain and injury, her passion in life is to educate clients on a customized, self-sustaining Wellness Plan also known as RX Therapeutic Education™.  Nancy is a strong believer in helping and educating clients on proactive Body Maintenance following treatment so they are not a victim to health care dependency.   Nancy’s RX Therapeutic Education™ program gives clients a liberating sense of rebirth, allowing them to engage in physical activities that chronic pain and injuries restricted them from doing.